Huston Textile Co. is a U.S. Veteran, family-owned & operated artisan textile mill crafting limited-edition goods & services for our beloved community.

– American-Made Clean Cloth –

We revere, protect & serve our fiber communities with premium, authentic textile goods crafted with care for all living on planet Earth.


American Textile Mill Custom Woven and Knit Data Form with a Blue Yarn

Pathways to creating objects of timeless beauty start & end with design. Whether you have a sketch, or a full recreation of a historical textile in mind, we'd love to hear how our physical & digital technology services may support.

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American Textile Mill Design  Showing Up close blue yarn with other yarns in the background

Focused on the exceptional, the rare & the unique, we work one-on-one with our industry clientele to provide truly unequaled experiences, always with the goal of exceeding expectations.

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A stack of Blue, White, and Red woven goods, designed and produced in the USA.

We hope you enjoy this sampling of our distinctive work & welcome inquiries regarding our capabilities, artists with whom we have collaborated, as well as anything you wish us to procure, restore or design on your behalf.


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