We design our manufacturing systems to continuously empower resilient bio-regional supply hubs & ecologically sound practices from field-to-fabric. Sustainability & stewardship are values we live through our Earth-centric supply hubs.

Each season, we aim to strengthen our ethical & transparent American manufacturing model. Our growth & path to ‘better’ values critical natural resources, biodiversity & essential human skills to create a just, more healthy textile industry. We are proud to work with an array of partners that value the ecosystem of plants, animals, people & planet – all supporting us in creating our fine finished goods!

The Huston Textile family understands that a changing climate is an enormous challenge. We invite you to join us as we work to create plant & protein fiber solutions that push industry forward in America. We believe textiles made from regenerative fiber sources are the future, offering viable ways to mitigate the effects of the climate crisis while enhancing agricultural productivity & community resilience.

Developing standards to provide a measurable way for farmers & ranchers to sequester carbon from our atmosphere through the production of fibers like cotton, hemp, flax, & wool is paramount. When applied within a regional supply chain, these regenerative land practices create a “carbon sink” & the potential for carbon net-negative textile products. A few of our partners in these efforts include Lani's Lana, Bowles Farming Co., Fibershed, & Vreseis Limited 

We believe in creating a better future - working with iconic technologies paired with regenerative fibers that benefit the environment is our solution.  Alongside domestic farmers & ranchers, we add value to these community building natural fiber systems as we produce textile art that lasts generations.

Sourcing fine, single-origin staple cottons from some of America's most treasured landscapes, we can help you produce unique heirloom fabrics made with quality that will last many lifetimes. Our cotton fibers come with a story to tell & premium textures to write home about.

Huston is proud to be the first fabric mill to design & manufacture Climate Beneficial™ & Climate Beneficial™ Transitional Fabrics in partnership with Fibershed & Northern California-based farmers & ranchers. Would you like to expand or diversify your product selection with our responsible, climate-smart wool? Let’s talk!

Industrial hemp can be grown for food & fiber products.  As a fiber crop it demands less water & pesticides while improving soil health compared to conventional crops. The plant's durable & highly breathable bast fiber makes the resurgence of hemp textiles among the most exciting preferred fiber markets in America. 

Huston Reclaims Projects

photograph of outside of huston textile company with brown sign and garden with worker
black and white photograph fiber and dye garden sign and garden worker
photograph of black and white herd of sheep in a verdant green pasture
photograph of a cotton field with a green and white tractor transporting a full bale of cotton
close up white fluffy cotton mature bole in field before harvest
craftswoman hand holding creamy white semi processed wool
color photograph of three different heritage textiles from a creamy off white wool twill to tan and white cotton plain weaves
detailed photograph of multiple earth-tone textiles folded and stacked

Work With Us

Our textile mill produces premium quality woven, knit & custom fabrics from traceable, ethical & earth-friendly supply chains – all of which are raised, grown & processed - in the U.S.A.

We want to hear more about your values & goals pertaining to regenerative textiles – please share some information about preferred fibers, fabrics, dyeing & finishing process of interest. A Huston Team member will be happy to assist you with any inquiry or request.

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