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To produce novel fabrications that fit clients’ needs, we engage either as an end-to-end solution interacting with raw material & supply hub partners through our pre-production services, or as a late-stage manufacturer of the highest quality textiles.    

We offer a range of textile services including market research & trend forecasting, product development, design consultation, production planning, on-site development sessions, & tours/educational events.  

Our textile capabilities include designing fine woven goods with state-of-the-art technology, from yarn scanning to deconstructing fabrics (new or vintage via microscopic evaluation), prototyping fine woven goods, knit programming, & advanced knit constructions using domestically sourced, community building inputs.

We are always striving to develop systems & products that are as programmatically & technically innovative as they are cost & resource conscious.

Signature fine woven fabrics include the timeless car curtain canvas, natural chambray blends & double-slub selvedge denims.  From 5oz to 16oz constructions, we can produce a variety of weights & stylized textures.

We offer various zero-waste production systems such as digital fabric & finished good simulations, virtual sampling to reduce material waste & advanced technologies to support mass customization.

Signature & customizable knit prototypes include single jersey, 1X1 rib, 2X2 rib & so many more – our cloth is made from premium quality yarns sourced from our spinning mill partners in the U.S.A.

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We want to hear more about all the great ideas brewing in your brain – please share some information about the type of fabric, machine, or creative project you are interested in exploring. A Huston team member will be happy to assist you with any inquiry or request.

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