The Huston Story

We believe in creating a better future - working with iconic technologies paired with regenerative fibers that benefit the environment is our solution.  Alongside domestic farmers & ranchers, we add value to these community building natural fiber systems as we produce textile art that lasts generations.

Every loving parent wants to keep their child safe & healthy, especially when it comes to what goes into and onto their bodies. As the story unfolded for Kat & Ryan Huston, founders of Huston Textile Co., their journey into natural fabrics began with that very instinct just after the birth of their first child, Hazel, in 2012.

It was in hopes of keeping their little one close by in their travels & daily life that the new parents hunted for a high quality, organic & American-made baby wrap (or baby carrier). After scouring the internet, they had no luck finding the right fit so Ryan set off to the family garage to construct his own fabric using an old-school handloom. The rest, as they say, is history...

  • photography-factory-floor-of-five-family-members-unrolling-a-bolt-of-blue-selvedge-denim
  • photograph-large-brown-and-white-mill-sign-above-green-garden-and-worker
  • black-and-white-photograph-craftsman-hands-working-hundreds-of-yarns-and-needles
  • color-photography-craftsman-holding-smiling-young-blonde-daughter-who-is-holding-shuttle-bobbins-while-also-playing-with-his-beard
  • photograph-overhead-of-us-military-flag-folded-triangle-on-white-cones-of-yarn-and-fabric
  • photograph-smiling-young-woman-wearing-colorful-baby-carrier-tall-man-kissing-her-forehead
  • black-and-white-photograph-of-craftsman-with-metal-stand-holding-cones-of-yarns
  • photograph-of-green-vintage-working-draper-shuttle-loom-monitored-by-craftsman

Our story holds a vision to forever empower & engage resilient bio-regional supply hubs and ecologically sound practices from farming through fabric making. The mill operates with a ‘place-based’ mission, meaning we produce limited-edition heritage rich woven, knit & custom fabrics from traceable natural & sustainable fiber – all raised, grown & processed in the United States.

In an industry that often puts profit over all else, we pride ourselves in being unconventional by rooting our work in ecosystem resilience, biodiversity & climate solutions. Using domestically sourced natural & regenerative raw materials, we partner with local to national U.S. farmers, ranchers & raw material mill specialists. 

Huston Textile Co. is a U.S. Veteran, family-owned & operated artisan textile mill crafting limited-edition goods & services for our beloved community.

– Proudly Made in California –

We revere, protect & serve our fiber communities with premium, authentic textile goods produced with care for all life on planet Earth.

Friends Of Earth

We are committed to continuing our research & development of innovative raw fiber blends.  To serve our community ahead, our growing textile catalogue will continue to showcase climate smart, traceable fibers & their complex supply chains.  Virgin & recycled cottons, cellulose fibers (industrial hemp, flax), wools & other biomaterial partnerships always energize our people & products.

Each plant & protein fiber blend offers its own special textures & performance benefits, all without compromising the health of consumers, makers & the biodiverse ecosystems producing these advanced natural materials.

Interwoven with our responsible sourcing & supply networks is a unique industrial capacity for testing fibers & yarns on a variety of iconic machine technologies, allowing the company to develop a highly original collection of knit & woven materials that perform well & outlast most things customers will find in modern commerce. Check out more about our iconic machines & their storied pasts here

Using domestically sourced, natural & regenerative raw materials, we are invested as a value-added textile manufacturer collaborating with U.S. farmers and ranchers to help them improve fiber quality while also aiding in the enrichment of the soil their local communities depend on. From field-to-fabric, every step in our textile process is transparent & bound to the Earth in hopes of building a better, more sustainable manufacturing future.  Learn more about our supply chain here. 

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