HTC Projects

The Huston Textile team is proud to work on projects with a collective of truly gifted designers, makers, land stewards & like-minded brands to produce what we feel are among the highest quality American-made fabrics. Our fine textile goods are made in Northern California, using carefully sourced natural fibers & ethical supply networks that demonstrate what is possible as we protect biodiverse ecosystems with our current textile renaissance. Take a look at several of our highlighted projects below & if anything inspires you, please reach out – let’s make something special together!

overhead color photograph of blue red and white textiles next to loaded white shuttle loom bobbins
black and white photo craftsman hands working with shuttle loom bobbins wound with white cotton yarn
photograph of many white cones of cotton yarn on restored and modified textile frame
detailed photo of red blue and white 100% wool and cotton textiles
overhead-photograph-of-four-overlapping-blue-and-black-overhead photograph of four overlapping blue and black selvedge textiles with red or blue ticker ID
photograph of hundreds of white yarns during tie in process for crafted textiles planned ahead

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We want to hear more about all the great ideas brewing in your brain – please share some information about the type of fabric, machine, or creative project you are interested in exploring. A Huston team member will be happy to assist you with any inquiry or request.

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