The Mill

From handloom to power looms & textile preparatory equipment to meet demand created by their initial products, founders Ryan & Kat Huston took a big leap expanding operations out of their garage & into a former airplane hangar on the retired Mather Air Force Base just outside of Sacramento, CA. This is where the dream of the Huston Textile Company mill truly begins.

Around World War I, the land was purchased & designed to train airplane pilots before they were sent into battle. As the decades rolled by & America watched the Cold War wind down, some of the facilities eventually became Sacramento Mather Airport while others were transformed into a regional economic development & employment hub. As a company owned & operated by a U.S. Army Veteran whose Grandfather was in operational duty at the same airbase during a different time, it was quite the fit.

  • color-photograph-green-and-blue-mechanical-looms-below-large-american-flag-mural
  • photograph-industrial-weaving-machinery-green-with-brown-stehedco-wood-stickers-please-make-clean-cloth
  • black-and-white-photograph-of-textile-production-equipment-and-yarn-with-craftsman
  • photograph-many-cones-of-yarn-on-metal-rack
  • color-photograph-red-text-in-U.S.A-on-green-industrial-machinery
  • photograph-red-and-gold-industrial-nameplate-Draper-on-green-loom-american-flag-mural-in-background
  • photograph-green-painted-heavy-metal-equipment-with-black-text-huston-textile-company
  • photograph-craftmans-hands-preparing-hundreds-of-white-yarns-for-weaving
  • color-photograph-large-blue-gears-from-toyoda-industrial-textile-loom
  • color-photograph-brown-and-blue-books-stacked-with-top-reading-in-gold-text-loom-fixer's-manual
  • color-photograph-crafstman-hands-stringing-ten-white-cotton-yarns
  • photograph-overhead-shot-of-us-flag-and-military-boots-helmet-and-certification

The wide-open floor space that once housed airplane parts for American Armed Forces is now home to a fleet of vintage machinery like Draper, Toyoda, Crompton & Knowles shuttle looms, a Davis & Furber Pinless dressing reel & a Whitin-Schweiter automatic bobbin winder dating as far back as the 1920’s – all have recommissioning plans by Ryan who has gone to great lengths to track down or custom fabricate many rare missing parts.

These days you can find the factory floor churning with reclaimed & new machinery as well as other technical textile equipment, producing high quality, classic American fabrics – designed & constructed with absolute care showcasing a craftsman’s pride. Our signature fabrics include the timeless car curtain canvas, natural chambray blends & double-slub selvedge denim. Every Huston fabric design harkens back to a time when fabrics were made to last a lifetime.

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