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Chief Engineer & Operations Officer Ryan Huston is passionate about technology & materializing pathways that positively impact the world.  His unique skillsets & training cover fields including computer science, electrical engineering, heavy machinery operations, engineering systems & design modeling around automated logisitics. 

When applied to domestic textile manufacturing using heritage-rich machinery - some dating as far back as the 1920s, all repaired, adapted & trained on by Ryan himself - our company joins a small group of makers leading America’s revival of limited-edition textile knits & wovens.

Such steady efforts have led Huston to develop highly original, authentic American fabrics that defy comparison in a modern market widely built around cut-rate, toxic goods that offer minimal “wears” over time. We think American-Made quality is something worth protecting & treasuring; everything we produce stays true to this pledge. The last few years have made it clear that we need more goods made in the U.S.A., including fabric.

Our restored collection of vintage looms makes us one of the only “selvedge fabric” (or fabric with finished edges) artisans left using these machines in the United States. Since we began, the Huston team has envisioned being a part of the responsible domestic U.S. textile industry rekindling in a way that ethically protects & values our nation’s farmers, workers, consumers & the planet to ensure a healthy, sustainable future for all.

Creating regenerative textiles from design-to-prototype showcases our commitments to innovation, creativity, community, & connectivity throughout our state, country & beyond.

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Our deepening knowledge & demonstrations of engineering processes allow us to create exquisite materials using vintage looms & iconic textile technologies – we design & manufacture highly original fabrics crafted with a level of reverence meant to last lifetimes.

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We consult, support & sample for clients up & down the fiber supply networks – be it needs for sourcing, or creating, distinctive yarns of many kinds.  Whether you are looking for a recreation of a traditional yarn, or something one of a kind, we can help!

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We're always inspired by the many rare & traditional methods used to produce or process fibers, so we can help you coordinate with targeted regional & international small-batch artisans to create handmade textiles that tell a history of people, place & culture. 

Huston Heritage Projects

photograph from above three blue and one light black selvedge woven textiles next to each other
black and white photograph of hundreds of yarn ends moving through needles in the middle of frame
black and white photograph front of draper power shuttle loom producing selvedge denim textiles
color photograph showing a green draper XD industrial shuttle loom nameplate near machine gears
color photograph with vivid blue Toyoda industrial loom in forefront and american flag worker mural in background
vivid color photograph of blue white and red textiles folded and stacked
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Work With Us

Our custom micro-mill services & rare, iconic machinery have timeless Americana written all over them.

We want to hear more about those great ideas brewing in your brain – please share some information about the type of fabric, machine, or creative project of interest. A Huston team member will be happy to assist you with any inquiry or request.

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